Accessibility & Wind Crew Work Boats Accessibility Statement

The Wind Crew Work Boats website is designed to comply with a high level of accessibility and strives to uphold the principles and best practices of the WCAG 1.0 AA guidelines (

While we aim to comply with the WCAG guidelines, we recognise that web technology has moved on since their creation, and a number of them are less applicable than at their time of publication. Our overall objective is that users find our site accessible and usable and we have paid attention to the accessibility of the code and carried out extensive end user testing to ensure that this is the case.

Our aim is to reach WCAG 1.0 AAA compliance as the site matures and appreciate any feedback that you may have with respect to how we can improve accessibility and usability of the site for you. Please use the Contact Us pages to send your feedback.

Our site’s code

The site has been built to comply with standards (x)HTML and CSS2. At every stage our code has been checked for accessibility using a range of automated and, more significantly, manual checks. In older browsers (Netscape and Internet Explorer 4 and earlier) it will appear as an unstyled document. All information and functionality will still be accessible.

Tab Index

Pressing the ‘Tab’ key on your keyboard will sequentially move focus to every link, menu item, button and text field on the web page you are viewing. Press ‘Enter’ to use the link or button you are focused on. If you are focused in a text field, you will see the cursor inside it and you will immediately be able to start typing.

Pressing ‘Shift’ and ‘Tab’ will move focus through the Tab Index in the reverse order.

Access Keys

Access keys are essentially keyboard shortcuts on a website that give a keyboard or screen-reader user quick and easy access to all the main areas of the site.

If you are using Windows pressing the ‘Alt’ key in combination with the access key will highlight that link on the page, you then press ‘Enter’ to select that link.

On a Mac, pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key in combination with the access key will automatically send you to that specific page.

The following access keys apply to the entire site

Main Menu

Note: for numeric access keys, use the row of keys below the function keys (F1, F2 etc.) rather than the numeric keypad.

Internet Explorer 5 and upwards (PC)

Hold down the ‘Alt’ key, press the ‘Access key’, release both keys then press ‘Enter’

Firefox 2 & 3, Mozilla (PC)

Hold down the ‘Alt’ and ‘Shift’ key and press the ‘Access key’

Safari and Omniweb (Mac)

Hold down the ‘Alt’ key and press the ‘Access key’

Please note: This list is not exhaustive, your browser may or may not support the ‘Access key’.

Please refer to your browser’s help system for more information.

Text Size

The size of the text on the site can be adjusted through your browser’s settings.

Internet Explorer Text size: from the ‘View’ menu in the browser select the ‘Text Size’ submenu and choose the size that you would like to change to.

Firefox Text size: from the ‘View’ menu in the browser select the ‘Text Size’ submenu and choose whether to increase or decrease the text size.

Alternatively you can press…

‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ to increase text size

‘Ctrl’ and ‘-’ to decrease text size

‘Ctrl’ and ’0′ will reset the text size to its default